FAQ Page & Why Your Website Should Have One!

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page contains a list of questions and answers help your business respond to the needs of your audience more quickly and effectively, especially for users who rely heavily on the Internet to learn everything about services or how thing works. An effective FAQ page may be eligible to have a rich result on Search as resource can educate, inform, and guide the user in a natural way through your website’s content and toward the goals and end results you have set. The FAQ page is one of the best ways to help people visiting your site.

Why is a FAQ page important?

Everything today is about being accessible online and show what your business can offer to consumers.  It is important to ensure your business online presence is both robust and up to date with your company information about products and services. The FAQ page is one of the best tools to answer the user’s enquiries, because FAQ page can attract new visitors to your website via organic search and direct them to related pages such as service pages related to the questions.

One of the most common questions we hear from a business owner, particularly Painters, Plumbers, Carpenters, Cleaners, Landscapers, Electricians, and Bricklayers asking, Do I need a FAQs page? the answer is a YES “Your Website Should Have a FAQ page!”

Are FAQ good for SEO?

A FAQ page content is one of the effective ways to improve your site and can drive a significant organic traffic to your website. It improves your SEO rankings because Google Search values that your website has rich contents that helping people to get all the information to take an educated decision on your product.

FAQs content is just one way in which to increase exposure for your website ranking in the Google Search. There are many different Ranking Factors that need to be considered.


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