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The number of online ecommerce stores has increased dramatically in recent years. Many small businesses want to go online. Many small businesses are eager to enter the online market. They are constantly on the lookout for new ideas that will not only help them increase sales revenue but also make the lives of their customers more fulfilling.

It’s important to have an eCommerce platform to sell your catering services, but you’ll have the most success if you refine the features of your catering eCommerce website to create a pleasant buying experience for your customers. This is how you can achieve significant revenue growth.

There are numerous eCommerce online store platforms available today, but determining which one is best for your catering business needs and which features will keep your business afloat can be difficult. Competing with the competition will be more difficult if you do not have adequate technological support. This post will discuss the five most important ecommerce features for your online food catering services.

1-Good food photography

Appealing visually and providing high-quality visual content are both crucial for generating interest. Pictures of tasty-looking food on display are sure to draw in customers. Photos that do justice to your product and make potential buyers daydream about tasting it, therefore high-quality product images are crucial.

Visual appeal and high-quality visual content are both essential for generating interest. Customers will be drawn in by images of delicious-looking food on display. Photos that do your product justice and make potential buyers fantasise about tasting it are therefore essential.

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2- Add-on option feature

Give your customers the best shopping experience possible by providing them with custom product add-on options to choose from. For example, if you sell gourmet sandwiches, give your customers the option of adding gluten-free items and providing you with special instructions with their order. There will be no more follow-up emails or phone calls to add a special request, customers can get what they want during the checkout process. This is the best e-commerce feature to include in your online catering website to help you maximise sale conversion. Click here to see this feature in action.

3- Delivery area verification feature

Prior to placing an order, your customers can check the availability of product delivery based on their delivery address using delivery area verification feature. After the customer enters their address and clicks “Check,” your eCommerce system will display a confirmation. The delivery area verification can be set by postcodes, suburbs, states, or the store’s address with a radius-kilometer delivery range. Click here to see this feature in action.


4- Delivery address validation feature

Customers will like this function because it eliminates the need for them to manually enter their billing and shipping addresses at checkout. It’s a lightning-fast checkout that doesn’t waste your consumers’ time. Your customers will love this feature because it eliminates the chance of mistakes that could cause them to leave their shopping carts.

Autocomplete and auto-filling of billing and shipping information is a must-have feature that any food catering business owner would have for their e-commerce store, as it makes the buying process simple and efficient for their customers. A customer who has a good experience with your online store is more likely to become a repeat customer. The picture below shows how the autocomplete and autofill of billing and shipping information work.

Customer review

Why are customer reviews so important? Everything you need to build trust and increase sales. When customers see positive reviews, they are more likely to purchase your brand, products, or services. This is shown by the facts, up to 84% of consumers said that reviews helped them decide what to buy. Also, 68% of people decide what they think about a product or service after reading one to six reviews. Which means there’s never been a better way to grow your online business. Every positive review you receive is an opportunity to turn satisfied customers into a free marketing team, so why not take advantage of it?

Your customers are listening to one another!

A website’s trust signals are elements that reassure customers about their shopping experience. It demonstrates to the customer that your online store is trustworthy and gives them confidence that they will receive what they expect when they purchase from you. The image below depicts a customer product review.

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A well-designed ecommerce website can boost your catering business.

A well-planned landing page that shows customers about what your business offers, such as social proof, trust indicators, an optimised conversion rate, a catchy headline, and more, is required for an online food catering business to be successful and drive conversions. The best way to lay a solid foundation for your business is to employ best practises that result in a high return on investment (ROI). This will provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience and level of satisfaction.

Best food catering ecommerce website sample

A well-designed website conveys your brand’s identity, makes your company more memorable, and equips visitors with the knowledge they need to judge whether or not they have discovered what they were looking for. Nowadays, a catering company would be incomplete without the best catering website. The layout, colours, and shapes of websites reveal all of this data about their intended audiences.

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Final thought

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