Bitrix24 software comes with over 35 handy tools package in a single application, seamlessly integrated with each other. It is includes CRM and project management, quotation, invoices, sales funnel tools. An online file storage sharing and document management, real time communications video conferencing, instant messaging and email, and VOIP telephony.

The beauty of Bitrix24 is available On Premise Self-Hosted deployment that comes with API and open source code. Your Bitrix24 services provider can migrate your current data from cloud version to your own server or from any other CRM software any time, you want and available to you via a standard browser desktop version or mobile App. Contact Us if you need support to switch to Bitrix24 software.

Social Intranet

There is no denying that the current development of social intranet has helped businesses interact with customers in a superior customer services manner. Social intranet feature comes from the fact that they solve a basic problem and is to connect employees across the departments within the company. Social intranet provides you with access to colleagues, news, information, and knowledge, and to that intangible but important thing called organizational culture and all these leads to better collaboration, connectives, and knowledge sharing.

With this feature, business manager and your staff can use Bitrix24 in your office, or anywhere via via a standard browser desktop version or mobile App.

Bitrix24 Social Intranet Silk Media Web Services

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Tasks and Projects

Bitrix24 has extensive organizational features, which enhance efficiency at the individual and teamwork management activities level. Tasks can be define for oneself or assign to a colleague, or delegate after the receiver is receive. Project can have a dedicate group where all of the files, discussions, and tasks pertaining to that project are stored and accessed only by those users who are relevant to that project. Time spent on each task within the project can be track, and tasks are integrate into the group calendar. Furthermore, projects can be create in the Extranet, so clients or partners can participate fully in them.

Repeating tasks feature help you automate regular or recurring work routines, task templates in Bitrix24 support sub tasks and checklists, they are ideal for repeating business processes. 


Real Time Communications, Bitrix24 gives you a wide choice of Real Time Chat (RTC) tools, from instant messaging and group chat to phone calls, mobile messaging, video calls, and videoconferencing. The RTC tools are built into your Bitrix24 software.

Instant Messenger is the internal messenger delivers system notifications and instant messages. All messages are save in a history and are index by the search function, and the most recent messages appear at the top of the list.

Group Chat you can invite multiple colleagues to chat sessions and discussion immediate issues conveniently. Chat participants can be intranet or extranet users, and the chat thread itself can save in each users chat history.


Bitrix24 Communication & Video Silk Media Web Services

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Bitrix24 Human Resource Silk Media Web Services

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Human Resource

All the HR core features, from an employee directory and a self-service portal to leave management and work reports are wrap in a social interface that your workers and HR officer will love to use. The company structure represents the hierarchy of the organization with departments and sub-departments. Bitrix24 allow you automate workflows, such as Leave Approvals, Business Trips, Internal Help desk, Purchase Requests, and Expense Reports.

In the employee directory, you can easily find contact information or filter the list to find the right person for your inquiry. As a manager, you can export the employees list to Excel or Synchronize your contact list with your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and you’ll always have the current contact data at your fingertips!


CRM in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM provides a platform to organize and track activities with customers, agents, and potential partners. All new activities including calls, messages, meeting are connect with a contact or company and further interaction can be plan, and carry out analysis, perform segmentation of the target audience as precisely as needed.

Managing Interaction, incoming contacts or leads can be divided among sales managers, marketing campaigns can be analyse, and access permission to any deal or lead can be vary depending on its status.

CRM in Bitrix24 at Silk Media Web Services

Customer Relationship Management in Bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM Telephony Silk Media Web Services

Call Anywhere in the world with Bitrix24 CRM 


Use Bitrix24 to call to any mobile phone or landline, domestically or internationally. You can call directly from the CRM and record the conversation. You can rent local phone numbers in 60+ different countries or 1300 or 1800 create internal phone number extensions for your employees, and set up call queuing and call forwarding. Pricing lower than Skype and most other IP-telephony services.

If you have office or cloud PBX, or can provide SIP-trunk, you can keep your current phone number. All incoming phone calls will be free and you’ll be paying for outbound calls at your current rates to your existing telephony provider.

Call your clients and partners straight from the CRM and have the time and data of the call, or even a recording, automatically entered.


Uploading your document files to cloud or on premise server will make them accessible in a document management system. Documents, videos, and files can be collaboration, download, or private use and can be search internally.

Shared Documents, Bitrix24 comes with three types of Drives. My Drive is a personal file storage to which colleagues cannot access. Group Drive contains files uploaded inside a particular work-group. Company Drive contains all files that company wants to make available to all employees.

Collaborate on documents directly in your Activity Stream, write comments, attach new document version, receive feedback, and see changes taking place real time!

Bitrix24 Document Management at Silk Media Web Services

Bitrix24 Document Management 

Benefit of Using Bitrix24 Software

We are a Bitrix24 Services Partner

Silk Media Web Services is a Bitrix24 Certified Consulting and Service Provider specialize in Bitrix24 software consultation, implement, third party application integration, data migration, and training on both cloud and on-premises versions.

Our consultants work directly in partnership with your company every single step of the way, from the initial stage of leaning and understanding about your company requirement. It is goal to meet your expectations and support your objectives through the combination of our technical and creative expertise and understanding your business.

With our expertise at your side and we always walk the extra mile to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the Bitrix24 software. We are dedicated to getting your team running as efficiently as possible through training and rolling out the Bitrix24 application. Contact Us for a Free Demo Meeting