Why digital marketing important during the pandemic

Why Digital Marketing Important During The Pandemic_Covid19_Silk Media

COVID-19 has already had a heavy impact on what businesses are doing, which was shifting business and consumers behaviours. Consumers shift to digital offering during the pandemic, so did marketer. Marketers have been following customer’s behaviours with their focus on digital marketing.

More people online than ever

As the pandemic continue, many of us were beginning to work from home and staying at home on day, nights, and weekends. Some of schools are still open in Australia, but as the situation evolves, many students are already take the leaning from home option throughout the standard studying week.

This means more people are more active on their personal devices accessing internet and social media, search engines, and digital offers in general. Online businesses now have more opportunity to grasp users’ attention across digital channels. As more people prefer to shopping online and avoiding in-store experiences. This includes taking advantage of options that limit in-store interactions like (BOPIS) buy online, pick-up in store.

Why digital marketing important during the pandemic

In terms of marketing, we believe digital marketing is on the up and will continue a sustained growth throughout this time as it plays as key role in retaining customers and building brand value during the pandemic.

Digital marketing is a process of advertising deliver through the digital channels such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. In marketing, we have the concept of a purchase funnel and there are different stages within the funnel that describe customer interactions.

The purchase funnel or alternatively marketing funnel analyzes your customer consolidation process to help you understand how potential customers discover your products and services, and how they become a loyalty customer. The purchase funnel is typically broken down into four steps: awareness, interest, desire, and action:

  1. Awareness – the customer is discover of the existence of a product or service
  2. Interest – actively expressing an interest in a product group
  3. Desire – aspiring to a particular brand or product
  4. Action – taking the next step towards purchasing the chosen product

From a measurement point of view, this may map to a variety of sales and marketing channels from social media and web visits to mailing lists and sales contacts.

How we going to measure this process?

In the offline world, this process can be very hard to measure. However, in the online world, we can measure in many different aspects of the funnel using digital analytics. We can track the customer online behaviour led to purchases and use that data to make informed decisions about how to reach new and return customers.

Achieve your business goals during the pandemic

The Covid-19 has changed the business landscape and many businesses are going to be focusing on the here and now, and some business are struggling to maintain normal running operation. This could be your chance to build a new network of prospective customers, putting more time and effort into improving your customer services and to generating new leads now. By doing that, you could have a number of potential customers to reply on once the covide-19 has calm down.

While some of the changes may be temporary, some may present long-term challenges. We can be sure the future will remain in flux for quite some time yet as the business environment changes alongside our progress in defeating the virus.

In addition, your leads should have increased confidence in you as a business. If you are looking for new clients at a time when most of your competition is going through a crisis, you are showing your customers you are on top of things.

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