What is Marketing Automation! How does it work?

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Marketing automation is a process that enable the marketing software to automate the marketing routine task in an unattended manner such as schedule email sends, autoresponders, send SMS and email appointment reminders, automatic lead, and deal distribution.  You can use the automation rules to streamline customer’s management process to nurture sales and leads, personalise marketing message and content and help staffs adhere to lead processing procedures.

These automate actions helps your marketing team to identify potential customers,  reach customers at the right time and that would engage potential customers to the point where they can be directly communicate with the sales team with the aim of closing the sales more efficiency and starting an ongoing customer relationships. The marketing automation process enable you to track potential customer’s behaviours and interest where they are in the purchasing lifecycle, this will help your marketing team to customise the marketing strategy based on their behaviours.

Lead generation is very important step in your business’s growth plan. Your marketing team have that list of manual, repetitive tasks: send email, reminders, follow-up, and reporting. The marketing automation software can takes away time-consuming and repetitive tasks, the processes will enable your business to reduce cost, boost revenue, and allows your sales staff focus on what they do best for a better quality of work so you can focus on strategy to grow your business.

How does Marketing Automation work?

Get more customers and cost less with marketing automation, you can streamline workflows, integrate, and analyse the results. Marketing automation is easy and effective with automate routine task and concentrate on what is important. A major part of any marketing automation software is analyzation. You can analyse every step and campaign to make sure you are getting the best return on investment (ROI). Measure the impact of every marketing campaign and get the most out of your marketing team.

Here is an example:

  1. You start the marketing campaign by send an email inviting new users to attend a webinar about your products or services.
  2. Users are directed to fill out a form to attend the webinar. Users who are completed the forms are automatically funneled into a new email list.
  3. Users in the automatically funneled list begins to receive an email nurture campaign. Email webinar reminders to the webinar day.
  4. Follow up by sending a thank you email to everyone who attended the webinar.
  5. A few days later, update user with an email with the actual offers.

Do I need Marketing Automation software?

Your marketing teams may use marketing automation software to make their campaigns more accurate and to empower their sales team with better quality leads to achieve highest return of investment (ROI). Using marketing automation software, marketers are better to understand potential customer needs and able to qualify leads and pass them onto sales, resulting in higher revenue and greater growth.

Here are three ways automation strategies can be used in small businesses:

  1. Relationships Building: is about the ability to identify and initiate working relationships, like personalize emails to foster that relationship. By helping your audience learn more about your products and services through regular, thoughtful engagement communication, you will be able to capture the audience needs and increase conversion rates.
  2. Follow-up in Sales: The most important goal of a follow-up conversation is convert leads to sales.  Follow-up emails sent to customers who visited your website with a customer service question can help complete the potential transaction. In additional sales, a good customer relationship and trust gained from follow-up email you have made will encourage consumers to purchase from you again. All of these tasks are can be done in automation software.
  3. Tracks customer journey: With marketing automation software, you will be able to engage more with your customer. You can track the customer journey and analyzing how long does it takes a customer to make a transaction, and what information they need to complete that purchase transaction.

Bitrix24 CRM with Marketing Automation

If you are looking for best CRM with marketing automation. Consider Bitrix24 Rock-solid CRM plan with a Sales and marketing automation rules/triggers in leads and deals features for costs only $69 per month for six users.

Bitrix24 is a business software tools come with social intranet feature that boost collaboration and communication among employees. By automating sales and marketing processes, your staffs can also enjoy advanced task management and improved teamwork in the workplace. Bitrix24 CRM with a marketing automation features can transform and take your company to the next level, your business operation with marketing automation software, and you will be amazed at the results.

In addition to native marketing automation, tools such as lead routing email campaigns, autoresponder, send SMS and email appointment reminders, automatic lead, and deal distribution.  Bitrix24 CRM also comes with a number of integrations for data enrichment services such as accounting software. Make the right choice for your small business by taking our Bitrix24 CRM offer with marketing automation already built in and save a bundle.

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