Cloud or Self Hosted CRM! Which is better for your business?

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Bitrix24 is a solution for business communications and collaboration software application introduced for organizations of any size. The system unites tools classically belonging to business intranets with CRM, project management and social collaboration elements to form an optimal virtual work platform. Bitrix24 can be used as an online service Cloud version, SaaS or as a ‘box’ product Self-hosted version to install on your own server. It is depending on your business nature, company size, and requirements for an intranet solution, you can choose between the flexible Cloud subscription plans, or develop a custom intranet project using the Self-hosted version.

Bitrix24 Cloud version

Bitrix24 Cloud versions are very popular at the moment, they provide flexible data management, and 24/7 access from anywhere where you can get connected to the Internet. Bitrix24 Cloud version could be an optimal solution if you are small business with upto 24 employees and if you do not requirement many customize features then the Special Plan CRM or Projects for a $55 per month will be best for your business.

The commercial subscriptions Business Plans with unlimited number of user accounts for both the intranet and employees and management, and the extranet partners and clients that would be the next level if you require more power and features.

Bitrix24 Cloud version solution provides you with pre-installed and configured server software, so if you are choosing a cloud version, it will take you couple of hours to complete the Bitrix24 setup, configured, and ready to use. It is definitely save you time, and you will not have to worry about the software deployment.

If you eventually need a higher level of product customization, corporate branding or integration with other enterprise software, you can migrate your Bitrix24 Cloud account to the Self-Hosted version at any point. Contact us if you need help on functional configuration or Self-Hosted development

Bitrix24 Self-hosted version

There are many reasons for business owner must have a Self-hosted (on premise) Bitrix24 version instead of the cloud version. When the law requires that data have to be stored on a specific location, or when you need to develop a specific functionality to meet it is business requirement, or perhaps when you need a faster page. Self-hosted version require you to install the software and have all the data stored on your own server. All the server maintenance, as well as data security, it will be your responsibility to take care all.

Bitrix24 Self-hosted version has more tools and modules compared to the Cloud version. Unlike the Cloud version, Bitrix24 Self-hosted version is fully customizable, you can customise front-end of the product you can change logo, colour scheme, layout, menu structure, page content, add, or remove gadgets, modify CRM menu and fields, etc.

The Self-hosted version can be hosted on a remote web server of your choice, or deployed on a local network even with no or limited access to the Internet.

The top edition of the Self-hosted version also features special modules, such as Web Cluster, which increase balance server load and provides additional scalability tools, and Multi Department feature allows for creating multiple intranets within single intranet, it usually required by companies having a number of subsidiaries or branches that need individual Activity Streams and Department structures.

Bitrix24 Self-hosted Bitrix24.CRM version start from $1,490 USD. Contact us for better price!

Why Bitrix24 self-hosted is vital to the success of businesses

Having the ability to host the CRM on our own server was important, as you want to control all of your company data. We all know what it’s like when you get used to doing things a certain way and then a forced product update comes along and changes all that.

Data sovereignty is the idea that a country should be able to enforce its laws on data stored within its jurisdiction. This is not a concern when a company stores data locally. However, this becomes an issue when data servers are located outside the country in which the business operates.

Australia Privacy Laws

The Australian privacy laws require a business to ensure they have proper data security mechanisms in place to protect data. A business needs to know:

  • Where it stores its data;
  • Whether the service complies with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and;
  • If the business knows the consequences of not complying with the APPs.

It is easy to comply with these requirements when the data is within Australia. When the servers are located outside Australia, it becomes difficult to enforce. We cannot force our privacy laws onto another country.

For example, many businesses have customer service call centers located outside Australia. This requires the Australian business to provide customer’s personal information to the call centre located outside the Australian jurisdiction, thereby making that data subject to different rules.

This is some of the main reason, why should Law and Accounting firm business should have their company data store locally.

Note: Bitrix24 Self-hosted version is sold as a lifetime license (one-time fee). Each commercial license key of the Self-hosted version comes with a free 1-year subscription for premium technical support and product updates. After the first year subscription ends, you may wish to renew your subscription for another year. However, this is not mandatory option.

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